Check Your Plugs....

Look at the plug we failed in the middle, notice it is an odd shape, these plugs are dangerous. Firstly, the live and neutral pins are to close to the edge of the plug, being this close it can potentially give you a shock when unplugging. Secondly, due to its small size there is no room for a fuse making the whole appliance unprotected. Cast your mind back to Christmas last year when all those segway/hover boards were catching fire, many of those had these plugs fitted to the chargers. These plugs are illegal and should not be used in the U.K yet we come across them weekly. Check your plugs now, if you have any replace them now with a standard U.K 3 pin plug. Not sure? Call us today on 01992 761622 for a complete PAT test of your premises from just £69.99 and make sure you and your business are safe.

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